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The Fervour of Christmas and New Year in Kumaon

Christmas and New Year are celebrated with great intensity and enthusiasm in Kumaon. From mid- December carol singers start visiting different households to disseminate the message of Christmas that the incarnation of Jesus was a historical event and his mandate demands to preach the good news to the whole world. Everyone who is convinced of his teachings should follow him because he incarnated to identify himself with humankind. and Christmas is the sacred occasion to get to the soul of the people. During Christmas the cosmic Christ reveals himself in the community of service and prayer and one can witness him in the nature all around. If we wish to celebrate Christmas in the true sense then we will have to imbibe qualities of a small child with universal love and innocence without hatred and bitterness. This is the time to connect with Christ and make this planet a better place to live in by conserving nature and by spreading the message of good will. Rev Edmund is holding several programmes in the Methodist Church at Haldwani since December in which people from different parts of Kumaon participated and held rallies to spread the message of good will and communal harmony. Concomitantly in Naini Tal and other parts of Kumaon people pledged to fight fissiparous tendencies and to conserve their natural resources. The Capuchins focus on environment because they are the sons of St. Francis of Assisi, who is known as the patron saint of the animals. Humanity should take lessons from the life of St. Francis, who used to love all creatures and felt the presence of the Supreme Reality in every form of life. God has created a beautiful world for all forms of life to live in and Christmas is the time when we should take a vow to reduce our ecological and carbon foot prints and save our natural resources for posterity.
The joy of Christmas peaks on 25th of December subsequent upon which the people are enthralled with the mirth of New Year. Every hotel in Kumaon is booked from Christmas to New Year and the people are imbued with the spirit of joy. The best feature of this festivity in Kumaon is that the people irrespective of caste, creed and religion become an integral part of the celebration. The credit of this broad spectrum of festivity goes to the British administrators and the liberal attitude of the people of Kumaon.
India is a country of diverse ethnic groups, languages and cultures, which weaves a yarn of multi-hued fabric that is continental in dimension. It is also a country where disunity, discord and communal tension among our people have spelt ruin in the past. It is therefore necessary that we Indians should all unite as a family and work together. In this regard Kumaon can show the light to the rest of the country and play a pivotal role because there is homogeneity in this region and people have great regard for other religions. The people in Kumaon are secular in outlook as they are close to nature. Moreover no one is an autochthon here, since ancient times people have settled in this region known as mini India from different parts of the country and live in perfect harmony.
The tourists have different ways of enjoying the New Year bash. Although some prefer the luxury of star hotels in tourist towns, but a sizeable portion likes to enjoy the wilderness of
The Fervour of Christmas and New Year in Kumaon
Ajay Singh Rawat, Nainital

Kumaon and spend the New Year in perfect tranquility. Some are interested in visiting the most popular places like Binsar, Kausani and Chaukori to enjoy the scenic grandeur of the Himalaya and the treasure trove of wild life. A large segment of New Year tourists visit protected areas like Jim Corbett Park, aptly called the land of roar, trumpet and songs. It is a legend come alive and has a rich and floristic composition, which also is a refuge to the rich faunal wealth. The park is brimming with the New Year tourists and the regular visitors to the park said, “We want to make New Year a memorable event by pledging that there shall be no eave teasing in the area and the visitors will not disturb the animals of the park with blaring music.”